Healing, Recapitulation and “Feeding the Tree.”

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I recently mentioned “Feeding the Tree” in a Facebook post regarding healing around Thanksgiving (in the US) and the anger and wounding that still remains over exploitation of our Native American brothers and sisters. Not just about this issue, but there are many in which it is time to heal it up. The Keepers and others have spoken about this year as a powerful time for cleansing and healing. Our Shamanic wisdom keepers have given us some powerful techniques to assist us in this regard.
“Feeding the Tree” is a healing process that has its origins in Native American Shamanism. This is how it’s done. When someone in the tribe suffered a trauma or other type of pain when they were ready they were to go to the Council and tell their story in its entirety, leaving nothing out. This was done with the intent that the council would bear witness to their pain, without judgement and contribute along with Great Spirit to the healing of this individual. It was also understood that after this witnessing the person and also the council were not to speak of it again as this would only reactivate and give it energy once again.
“The moment I let go of it, was the moment I got more than I could handle. The moment I jumped off of it, was the moment I touched down.” – Alanis Morissette
For non-tribal individuals, we can do our own version of this by speaking our truth to a mighty tree, the ocean or any other place in nature that is peaceful and sacred to us. Also doing this with the intent that nature will serve as our witness and help us heal and release it once and for all.
There are instances where the pain and trauma has gone very deep and a different technique may be indicated. Shamanic “Recapitulation” is a powerful technique likened to “Soul Retrieval” where one calls back fragmented soul parts that may be manifesting as illness, depression or other forms of energy loss. I personally did a series of Soul Retrieval/Recapitulation work in my 30’s and it was profoundly healing and life-changing. I believe it had everything to do with my ability to do this type of work with others and also freed up energies so that I was able to pursue my work as a healing channel/telepath and writer. Many people, especially those that identify as Crystal, Indigo or other types of Lightworkers have traumatic incidents in their backgrounds. I feel this type of work is especially useful and powerful for those that are energy-sensitive and also those that have not responded well to “talk” and other types of more traditional psychological therapies.
Psychologists will treat people who have suffered traumatic experiences by urging them to work back through the experience and put it behind them. But they ignore the basic issue of being human and so often the person takes years to work on one major trauma and is never really freed of the pain which accompanied it, nor the patterns they struggle with throughout life spring from it. Shamans see the recapitulation as a more natural means of dealing with it; stalk the memory, and take back your energy, letting it become just a memory, with no life, no power to invoke a response from the present. – Shamanscave.com
This is a good, basic article on Recapitulation and how it works.
Shamanic Recapitulation
If you any any time feel that you cannot do these practices alone or would like guidance, please do seek a qualified Shamanic Practitioner in your area. The directory at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies is a good place to start.
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
NOTE: I do my own version of energetic recapitulation/soul retrieval work with clients in my healing and reading work in the Akashic Records. Please do contact me if you are interested in further information or scheduling a session.
One of my favorite methods for healing is the healing power of music. Enjoy this. 🙂 The Healer – Santana & John Lee Hooker
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