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Accessing your Akashic Records for Personal Healing

Intuitive Counseling offers insight and healing of spiritual, emotional and health matters. Being a spiritual counselor and intuitive allows me to see energetic patterns and where corrections can be made to assist with physical and emotional disturbances. I have been intuitive all of my life and have been giving readings since I was a child.

I am also trained in reading the Akashic Records also known as the “Book of life.” All of your personal information is stored in the records so deep insights can be obtained regarding yourself, family issues, career, health and life path.

What are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the past, present and future knowledge of all things. It is the recording of a Soul’s journey since inception, as well as the possibilities of its spiritual unfolding. It is known in the Bible as “The Book of Life” and in other cultures “The Akashic Field”. Cultures throughout history which have used the Records include the Tibetans, Egyptians, Hebrews, Christians, and Mayans. Famous people who have worked with the Records include Edgar Cayce, Alice Bailey, Nostradamus and Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science.


Soul Clearing & Empowerment:

Irma Kaye in her work in the Akashic Records has developed a powerful form of soul exploration and healing work. She will explore your individual Record to:

Discover your soul’s gifts and challenges.

Work with your primary and secondary Spiritual guides.

Remove and clear any negative influences, contracts, vows or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Explore current primary relationships for their teachings and gifts.

Clear any family/ancestral patterning that is limiting you of your full potential.

A word about my reading style:

My readings are always offered in the highest love using inspired guidance. I feel that I excel in transformation and resolution with many different types of life situations. I enjoy doing deeper work that involves not only the body and mind of the client, but their soul and spirit as well. My work has been described as “clarity counseling” and I feel that is an appropriate description. Please do not ask me to give detailed or personal information about others as I do not read anyone without their permission; with the exception of minor children or elders that are in your care. I do not give lottery numbers, gambling or medical advice. I am not a fortuneteller and do not predict the future, though at times information regarding the future is revealed in the reading if it is considered pertinent.

NOTE:  I cannot do a reading if you are experiencing any severe psychiatric disturbances that go beyond treatable anxiety and/or depression. Thank you for your understanding. Also if you have a history of drug abuse and/or alcoholism I require a minimum of 90 days of sobriety. 6 months or longer is preferred. 

The Akashic record work is very powerful and in many cases, life-changing. We have been given this wonderful spiritual gift for our healing, knowledge and empowerment. May you realize the Bright Star that you are.



I have had my share of issues in my life that I have always consulted therapists for. It never really helped me to overcome any of it. It just seemed to temporarily mask the deeper issues. When I started working with Irma, I was able to heal and permanently change my mindset in many areas. I was able to heal the pain from the past and move on with my life. I can honestly say that for once in my life I am feeling like a complete person; secure, happy and ready to take what life gives me. I know I wouldn’t be in this amazing place without her amazing guidance. She was so right on with what she had me focus on. It’s truly changed my life! I am now living a more full and happy life. I don’t fear the future. I know I am blessed in many ways and I now focus on the happiness still to come. Thank you so much Irma for helping me to transform my life in a positive way when I needed it the most. ~ B. Godfrey


I highly recommend Irma Kaye Sawyer for healing and intuitive counseling. She has been a great help to me when no one else was able to help. She has the highest integrity and at the same time, she has a light and joyful Spirit. She is down-to-earth, sincere, genuine, compassionate, grounded and very approachable. Please check out all her work and all her pages. I get so much value from all she shares. She is always right on target! Irma has been a great blessing in my Life. ~ Terri S.


I recently had the privilege of consulting Irma Kaye Sawyer for a health issue. She answered all of the pressing questions in my mind: Was I seeing the right physicians? We’re the tests and procedures ordered for me appropriate? How worried should I be? She told me I was on the right track. She was spot on in every area in her analysis of my case.

I highly recommend Ms. Sawyer especially to anyone who has health related questions that seem arcane and unanswerable. ~ Lawrence Hall