Wesak Moon Report for 5/7/20


Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. – Psalm 119:105


Hello friends. We have arrived at another Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio. Whether you identify as Buddhist or not, this is a time of blessing and greater illumination for Earth. We also find ourselves in strange and in some places, rather dire circumstances. It has been more challenging to find the joy. That is all the more reason to continue to hang in there, not just for ourselves but for all of our fellow brethren. One positive aspect of these challenges is a growing sense of ONEness and unity consciousness, which is another spiritual aspect that this moon relishes in.


The Full Moon arrives at the Nodal shift from Capricorn/Cancer to Sagittarius/Gemini. Truth will be a major theme personally and collectively for the next 18 months. Scorpio thrives in pursuit of the truth and usually can find it better than most. With its precise focus and 5-star BS detector, not much gets past it usually. On an inner level the potential for realizations, both inner and outer are increased.


With the Full Moon in opposition to both the Sun and Uranus and Taurus, we can expect some of the usual shakeups. However, personal breakthroughs are not only possible, they are highly probable.


Wesak is a celebration of the Buddha’s life and also the Christ Consciousness principle or enlightened Buddha Mind that exists in all human beings. The “Word” is associated with the “Logos” of God/dess in his/her self-revelation.


This is a moment in time to experience a closer contact with higher principles and insight as the veils between worlds are thinner now. We will have a repeat of this (although slightly less potent) in what I call the reverse Wesak (Scorpio Sun/Taurus Full Moon) which occurs on Halloween this year.


The shadow side of Plutonic energy contains power tripping, obsession, jealousy and all of the “darker” emotions. Internal states and energies are not to be ignored or bypassed, but they are also not to be projected or offloaded externally. That is when we can become part of the problem and not the solution. When we take control of our own inner processes through deep personal truths and honest self-examination, great flourishing can and does happen. This is to connect with the eternal and wise “Sat Guru” or Higher Self within that belongs to no religion or sect.


This lunar cycle opens to the door to the upcoming Summer Eclipse season which will be filled with further revelations. As usual, I’ll be exploring those with you.


Happy Wesak Full Moon! May all beings benefit.


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