Meetings with Celestina: Part I – Guidance for Light Workers, Healing Shame & Guilt 

Hello friends. I started my channeling work back in 1996 with the four main Arch Angels (Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.) They came to me as a collective energy that I used to call AAE, which was short for “Arch Angelic Energies.” Since 2007 and in my work in the Akashic Records, I have come to work with the “Keepers” that are my current guidance team. I have been doing some work with IET (Integrated Energy Therapy©)and the Angel Celestina has stepped forward as one of my current main guides and she has also identified as a part of the Keepers collective. I was told that I would begin some telepathic conversations with her, and this piece is the first of what I’m sure will be more to follow. In the IET system, Celestina is related to the Throat chakra and lung area. She appears to me in a beautiful Blue Ray which is also the color of the chakra. The gift she brings is healing and freedom from guilt and shame. Interestingly, I was quite ill in 2012 with a serious lung ailment for a time. It has been shown to me that this was part of my own clearing process of these types of energies and beliefs.

Celestina’s Message: Many people who find themselves on the other receiving end of attacks; verbal, emotional and/or psychic are actually “Earth Angels” and other types of Light workers who have agreed to transmute negativity as an aspect of collective karma. You can look to your own lives for evidence of Divine Intervention so to speak, and also protection. (i.e. near-death experiences and also recovery from serious illness or injury.)

It is only in linear mind that labels people or events as shameful. Those that carry deep levels of shame or guilt themselves often seek to “offload” it onto others, often unconsciously. Feeling of unworthiness or being “cut off” from Source Energy, or being unloved and the deep shame associated with it is one of the most pervasive illusions of 3D existence. The belief that somehow you are “less than,” and therefore undeserving of Source Love. From our understanding, this is about as far away from the Truth of the matter as can be experienced. We understand that on one level perhaps it is a bit confusing to feel like a ship tossed about on the stormy seas of life’s experiences, and also hold the knowledge that you are deeply loved and not alone, yet this is the truth. There is no death beloveds, as many of you are growing to understand. Your earthly life however long or short it may be in any particular incarnation, is precious.

For those struggling with feelings of shame and guilt, we invite you to drop them. When doing a personal inventory, please do take note of actions that perhaps forgiveness work (of self and/others,) may be indicated; and also take note of a sense of shame that has no known origin or connection to others. This is very likely part of the “piece” that you have been carrying to transmute through your life’s experience. It is our hope and intention that reading these words and feeling our transmission will serve as a support for you to set your burden down, dear ones. You have done so very well in your task.

So the question posed was “How do you drop the shame and heal the split?” Meditate upon the ONE. Venture to the place where all duality and opposites find their rest. In the deepest recesses of the Divine Heart there is a place that belongs to you, and to you alone. There is a reason why “Prodigal Son/Daughter” tales resonate so deeply as truth, as they symbolize the Journey Home. Tend to your own awakening while having compassion for others. There was a moment in time where you did not know the truth of your be-ing as you do now, and your presence alone can be a powerful example. As many wise teachers have said, the greatest gift you can offer another is your own presence and current awareness. As you continue to embody greater amounts of light and love-wisdom, the blessing of your life becomes greater and deeper.

To step into your full spiritual potential in the New Earth Energies you must have “new eyes” to drop the preconceptions that have been based on past experiences. That is also why the heart of the NOW moment is such a powerful place to be. It is a place of peace and childlike innocence. It is new, fresh and without prejudice, and it is always available to you. Negativity and false views have been ingrained by conditioning, habit and repetition. Call upon the angels and your own helpers for assistance, healing and to further drop veils to divine wisdom and understanding.

To become free of these things is a discipline and spiritual exercise. It is also likened to learning a new language. This is the year (2013) that for many of you will feel a “click,” a sense of many things falling into place for you. Many aspects of your journey that up until now did not make sense, will begin to. The patterns will be made clear.

I am Celestina and I love you. – 2.15.13

NOTE: I am also in process of receiving a clearing/healing process from Celestina for these particular issues. Please stay in touch with me via my mailing list or Facebook page. This protocol will be available to the public via client sessions in mid-March. Thank you.

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.