Meetings with Celestina – Part II: Light Worker Guidance & the Family of Origin 

Hello friends. Here is a continuation of my recent conversation with healing angel Celestina, who is currently part of my Guidance Team, the Keepers.

Celestina’s Message: Beloveds, we see that further into 2013 it will be easier to “unhook” yourselves from the dreamlike, illusory aspect of the world. Though some of the passing scenes appear threatening, in through they are as tangible as air in the grand scheme of things. This is not to suggest to not offer assistance and guidance to your brethren as you are able, but also to remember the unreal nature of the world.

Bless your Family of Origin for serving as your guru (light-revealer,) and greatest teacher. For many of you are now in a rather “dry” place regarding them. You have dropped the anger which is very positive, but may not exactly be feeling “warm and fuzzy” towards them. This is perfectly okay. Allow yourself to be exactly where you are in the moment, as soon enough the moment will change again. You have passed through a long and in many cases, arduous journey. We see that in your Year of the Snake (2013) you will be consolidating forces, especially of a personal nature, and also assessing how you can be the most effective in the world at the present time.

Regarding members of your Family of Origin or others that may still be relating to you in a 3D manner (control dynamics, manipulation, etc.) you are welcome to connect with them on a higher dimensional level. Everyone that you may encounter has a higher-dimensional aspect, even if they are not currently manifesting it. Do not be surprised if you see a change in these beings, and in the “Family Dynamic” itself by holding to your own truth and center. If you find yourself in resistance to this exercise; imagine yourself connecting to a high, non-linear soul level, as opposed to a limited, personality level. Just as you are not your own limited personality, gender, and beliefs ultimately, neither are they. Again, unhook from the conditioning and beliefs that may have been impacted through your experiences and treatment by them. It is in the NOW moment, where you are safe and you are free.

At first, if you are remaining in love and not participating in the old games, you may be perceived as cold or uncaring, but you are well aware that this is not the truth of the matter. One of the most important shifts that you are currently experiencing, is to drop the relationship of your own value and self-worth to the opinions of others. You now have the growing knowledge that it takes an awakening being to truly *see* you without the filter of their own value judgments and opinions to obstruct the view. Relationships just like you, are currently undergoing a revolutionary healing process. All is well.

I am Celestina and I love you. – 2.16.13


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