Meetings with Celestina Part III – Guidance for Light Workers & Forgiveness 

To understand everything is to forgive everything. – Buddha

This is the continuation of an ongoing conversation with healing angel Celestina, who is identified as part of the Akashic Wisdom Keepers, my personal Guidance Team.

Celestina’s Message: To hold onto the hurtful or negative actions of others is to continue to give them *reality* and also power. This is not to imply that certain actions or events did not in fact occur, but to free you up from the harm associated with them. Shame and guilt are ways that the truth of your being has been hidden from you, and a part of the disconnected aspect of 3D reality has supported very well. We refer to this as part of the “Great Forgetting,” that occurred when you became embodied here. As part of your return to the great Celestial Heart is to offer forgiveness for everyone; including yourselves, and to hold fast to the Truth and Light of your being that eradicates all illusion. This is the deeper meaning of “Forgive them Father/Mother, they know not what they do.” This is not to be said in a sense of superiority or judgment over others; but with the knowledge that beings are at different levels of their own understanding, and that there once was a time when you also may have experienced a lack thereof.

It is true that just a slight movement of mind is needed to be in a receptive state of forgiveness, but the road that paves the way for mind may be arduous, as it enjoys to “keep score,” but this does not have to be so necessarily. Just as you are not defined by your negative actions, ultimately you are not defined by your positive actions either. Positive actions however, are a true reflection of Source Divinity within you, while negative actions are not. From a certain view there is no definitive positive or negative, there is only being. Of course, there is karma that is created from all volitional action, which is why “right view,” and positive intentions are important.

To wonder “why” certain events or experiences have occurred is another aspect of Mind that is constantly judging, comparing and analyzing for its comfort. Another powerful aspect of freedom is the freedom to simply BE. Would it really matter all that much to “get to the bottom of things?” For Mind perhaps, but to the Soul, it is not essential information. There are times in Akashic/Soul level healing work when causation may be revealed to assist in the cleansing and healing process. This is also likened to exploring past lives. This information is often best utilized in a “need to know” manner, though this may appear frustrating to Mind which is endlessly curious about such matters.

The Divine Self rests in eternity without gender, name or form. It has taken a physical form as you for a time. To best honor the Soul and your essential Self is to forgive ALL. As in, holding close to the unreality of the physical world for any kind of ultimate or personalized definition.

The way out so to speak, of hurt feelings and emotional suffering is to understand this: to stop being defined by your past experiences. Ask to be shown the truth of who you are, and it shall be granted unto you.

Heart Healing Meditation & Transmission

1) Go into your Heart Chakra center.

2) Visualize a Golden Key (or simply intend this if you are not a visual person.)

3) Imagine that this Key unlocks the deepest doorway to your Celestial Heart. This action produces tangible Grace and eradicates all Fear.

4) Breathe into your Heart space, intending that your Heart is now aligned with the Heart of all creation. All friends, all foes, all sentient beings are here. Feel the Rose Pink and Golden Rays imbue your entire being with their Love, Light and Freedom.

No one is against you and all are ONE with you. You are Love itself. You are free.

I am Celestina and I love you. – 2.18.13

It does not have to be complicated, and is quite simple really. If you have done harm to another in the past; offer remorse (not guilt,) for your actions, in a spirit of setting things right once again. If you have been harmed by another, offer them compassion and unconditional love, releasing all resentment from your being. They may or may not accept this and in truth, this is really not of your concern. It is the spirit and intention of your desire that matters most. Shanti. – The Keepers, 2.1.13

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. – Hoʻoponopono Cleansing Mantra

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.