The Akashic Wisdom Keepers on Karma

Hello friends. One of my dear friends who is also a professional intuitive, told me that I one day would be “Karma Girl.” Well I joked that I certainly had experienced plenty of it in my own life to comment a bit on it at this point. 🙂 Based on some of the teachings that have been coming through lately from the Keepers, it is clear that perhaps she also had something else in mind. I thank her however, for planting that seed and opening me up to further exploration of this deep and fascinating subject.

The Keepers Messages: It is not simply of matter of someone decreeing that “karma does not apply to me.” It is almost equivalent to saying that gravity does not apply to you. Karma is translated to “action,” and while embodied as a human being on the earth plane of existence, certain cosmic and karmic laws do apply. It is possible to purify one’s actions and consciousness to where they are in alignment with Source and one’s own Higher Self to the point where they are ultimately positive and pro-creative. However, even very *high* consciousness beings such as Yogananda, Ananda Mayi Ma and Ramakrishna had karma to fulfill in their human lives.

Highly evolved people have their own conscience as pure law. – Lao Tzu

There has been an enormous amount of negativity placed and the word and concept of Karma itself, akin to the word/concept of God. Carrying the implication that if one commits “bad” or so-called negative actions, a negative result will take place as a punishment. It is quite clear to see how this could be perceived as a “control mechanism,” similar to the concept of hell and eternal suffering for one’s “sins.” This is a falsehood on many levels, one of the most important being that since you are *eternal* beings, you will not remain in any one state of existence or realm indefinitely.

Another important point is that one’s “view” is heavily impacted by their karmic impressions. One of the great benefits of this period and the Light and Healing Technologies that are coming through to be utilized (namely various types of energy healing, akashic level clearing techniques and other highly effective means,) offer the possibility to re-write your own Life Script, including your own role to a certain extent. You do not have to be “doomed to repeat” anything that you desire to be free of; through your own will, intention and consciousness. On one hand, there may be a “lag time” involved in accomplishing this on a material level; but on another, since there ultimately is no time, this is of no consequence. The way “out” of difficult or so-called negative karma is to be patient and to remain flexible and teachable.

There have also been many throughout the ages that have referred to Karma as proof that there is no positive creative Source Energy in the Universe, due to the personal negativity and suffering that some have experienced. It is a rather arrogant and myopic view to believe that just because the Sun is not shining in one’s world that it also shines nowhere else. – The Keepers, 2.23.13

Beloveds from a higher consciousness level there is no such thing as “sin.” There are however, actions that are either considered skillful or unskillful; and both are volitional and therefore karma-producing. To label oneself as a sinner is the same as putting any other kind of negative label on oneself. Ultimately, it is untrue. For a person unawakened to higher states of consciousness and in the “loop” of their own karma and 3D experiences, there is a tendency to repeat patterns and tendencies (i.e. samskaras.) It is important to remember that there is always a way out, dear ones. It is more skillful to develop the pure awareness that since you are all ONE, what you do to onto others you do to yourself. This is more powerful and effective than the fear of sin and subsequent punishment. Shanti – The Keepers, from 2.9.13

It is common in your world for people to say in regards to someone who has done negative actions that karma will catch up to them, teach them a lesson, etc. The problem with this is twofold; firstly as the great Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” Also, another way of looking at the word karma pertains to one’s “view” of the world. For some their karmic view and its limitation is what has caused them to tend toward negative actions to begin with. Perhaps they do not see another option or way of doing things? Karma is both deeply complicated and simple. As a law it is quite simple, in terms of cause and effect. How this concept is worked out in the lives of individuals is quite complex. Instead of wishing “karma” upon someone, it is better to wish conscious awareness for them, so they may find a way off the wheel and be lifted into a more conscious, loving way of life. – The Keepers, from 11.25.10

Beloveds, you have asked us to share a bit more on the workings of karma; especially between members of your families of origin, for example. Many that identify as Indigo, starseeded, etc. as we have previously mentioned have agreed to work with and further transmute ancestral karma, that often does include their involvement at some stage of the game, so to speak.

The idea of Karma is that you continually get the teachings that you need to open your heart. – Pema Chodron


When one meets up with someone that they share karmic responsibility with, there is always a choice: to end the pattern, or to continue it. Compassion and unconditional love are the way to put a stop to the pattern. Anger, judgment and resentment are fuel for its continuation. Also, blame for anyone or anything outside of yourself is a potent temptation and distraction; and also a way for egoic/ordinary mind to keep control of the situation, as change on that particular level can be perceived as threatening. There are currently powerful supportive energies in the atmosphere to serve as a support for shifting out of these old paradigm/3D patterns; in the form of the frequencies themselves, and also spiritual friends and helpers, both seen and unseen.

The higher teaching in these painful situations is to take the lesson and experience and to spin it into something positive for yourselves. This is personal spiritual alchemy at its finest dear ones, and for many of you this comes quite naturally. It is also good to remember that the higher application of karmic encounters are not about punishment in any way, but about learning, awareness, love and skillful means. Many beings who have successfully navigated difficult karmic personal circumstances are uniquely qualified to serve as counselors and guides for others. Shanti. – The Keepers, from 1.31.13

Be blessed Dear Ones. May your actions be positively creative and fruitful for you, and for all sentient beings. Shanti. – The Keepers, 2.23.13