Pisces, Lent & Karmic “Ripening.” Or, are we having fun yet?

If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

Hello friends. Well it’s that time again; Lent and Sun in Pisces. It’s generally not my favorite time of year. I have Saturn in Pisces in my natal chart, and historically I’ve gone through some rather tough times during March. Looking at Pisces energy itself, it rules the astrological 12th house which is related to places of confinement such has jails, asylums and hospitals, and also to karma and the subconscious. It has also been referred to as the “garbage bin” of the wheel or psychic/psychological dumping ground, thought that isn’t an entirely fair assessment, as it is a rather complex realm. It is also the house of cosmic consciousness, dreams, awakening and transformation.

It is quite fitting that before we go through the rebirth and ascension of Spring and Easter, we would need to do a little spiritual housecleaning first. Even if you do not identify as a Christian and participate in the practice of Lent, the energy of cleansing and personal sacrifice are definitely in the air while the Sun is in Pisces. It is important that the sacrifices we make are healthy and fruitful. We need to be mindful of the difference between genuine caring and compassion for others, and when we are being used badly or taken advantage of. To Pisces energy and its opposite Virgo, this is a energetic area that can easily and almost effortlessly fall into shadow territory. As the wonderful Lama Yeshe used to say, “Check up!” dear friends.

Our Buddhist friends refer to time periods of great personal difficulty as “karmic ripening.” They also advise us to “keep our head down and just keep moving,” similar to Mr. Churchill’s famous quote here above.

NOTE: This is not to imply that if you are in difficult or painful circumstances that you have always done something to “deserve” it. Karma is deep and complex and it not calculated by any cut and dry methods. Anyone who has viewed the massive texts on karma in a Buddhist teaching center could attest to that. Based on some of the recent teaching by the Keepers, they have shared that there are beings such as Adult Indigos and others who have volunteered to experience certain difficult karmic circumstances as part of their soul’s mission, and also in service to the planet. In my opinion, it’s best to not let Mind get a hold of the idea of karmic punishment, not try to figure it out and just keep moving forward as best we can.

Also, the Keepers have given some teachings in the past on the idea that learning and growth though difficulty and/or pain at some point will be a thing of the past. We are moving and evolving into a new time and way of being. We are being refined spiritually, physically and emotionally. We always have the opportunity to make choices based on a more conscious and loving way of being. Our attitude and intentions on the journey will continue to be important. Our “Will” is the Spirit of the divine Source within us, and is there for activation anytime we wish to engage it.

Here are some guidelines that I hope will prove to be helpful to you, if you find yourself in any present difficulty.

1) Let go of the idea that you have to be perfect: Mind can really do a number on us when we are in trying circumstances that we aren’t doing a good enough job, etc. It’s good to remember that though you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you are still HUMAN. Which ties in well with suggestion #2.

2) Ask for HELP whenever you need it: You will not be of use to others you may be serving or yourself if you fall ill or sink into exhaustion or extreme mental burnout. Take “mental health days” as needed, and please ask for help as you can. If you are in a caregiving capacity as I have been, have a list of “back up” numbers of people you can call so you can take time out for yourself. Also, not just to do errands or grocery shop either. Take time to go to the beach or nearby park. Nature is very rejuvenating and healing.

3) Tend to your own self-care as best you can: Be sure to not scrimp on a healthy diet, adequate water intake and sufficient rest. Schedule a pedicure or get your hair cut. To someone that is extremely busy and/or involved in the care of others, it is very easy to neglect your own basic self-care, this is definitely NOT recommended. This also ties into suggestion #2, as you may have to call on some folks to help you accomplish this at times. Please do not let anyone guilt trip you into taking care of YOU. That’s so old (Piscean) paradigm. 🙂 Don’t fall for it.

4) Remember that everything is IMPERMANENT; including difficult situations, emotions and circumstances: This is a biggie and another area where Buddhist wisdom serves us well. According to the ancient oracle the IChing, timing is something that is mentioned in almost every hexagram as being very significant to the cycles of life on the material plane. Whatever you are experiencing now, you will not experience forever. This is a fact, and a good one to remember.

5) Stop STRUGGLING over your struggle: In other words, stop fighting life and going against the current. If you are in a difficult or unpleasant circumstance, do what you can to shift it, but not to the point where it makes you emotionally frazzled or completely wiped out. In many cases, time is a factor and sometimes we just need to “sweat it out” a bit. We also have a choice how we let life impact us; positively or negatively. Make it a point to work with the circumstances and people in your life and not against them, and keep your heart open as much as possible in the process.

6) Reach out to Spiritual Sources for help: your own Guidance Team, Angels or any particular deity that attracts you. For example, the Hindu deity Ganesha is very good in help with removal of obstacles on your path. Archangel Michael is very effective in cutting through negativity, psychic debris, and for general spiritual protection. I have often turned to Divine Mother/Kwan Yin for help and her Grace and blessing have never failed me.

And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom: Let it BE. – Paul McCartney

7) Work on generating Positive Karma: One very powerful way to do that is the practice of “Ahimsa,” which is about minimizing harm to the self and to others. Here are some good suggestions:

Send everyone you come into contact with a silent blessing. Donate time or money to those in need. Spend three minutes each day visualizing a world in which everyone practices Ahimsa toward others. Be kind to yourself. Consider Vegetarianism. Be considerate of others. Consider what you say, how you say it, and how it could affect others. Release the thought of competition. Create what you want instead of trying to take it away from others. Whether you own a business that sells goods or services or you hold a job, your intent should be to create value for others. Treat your body as a valuable temple. Buy fair trade products. Try to find common ground with others, even those you dislike. Don’t steal. This means more than just refraining from taking something from another. It also means not overspending, overindulging, or otherwise taking more resources from the earth than what you need. Work on releasing and letting go of stress and anxiety, instead of transmitting it to others by being rude and impatient. Practice the Golden Rule. (from the daringtolivefully.com website)

Here’s a little inspirational mood music for you. Tom Petty – I Won’t Back Down

Most importantly, if you are going through a hard time now or at any time in your life, it is important to remember that you are dearly loved, and are not alone. We are living in magical and inspired times with so many spiritual opportunities, teachers and divine helpers in service to us. Do not hesitate to be OPEN to their guidance and assistance.

May you be well. May you stay strong.

© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2013. Please feel free to share these messages as you are guided with author and copyright information included. Thank you.