March 2020

Here’s a song from deep in the hole. Something for free. Something for you. Something for me, from out of the blue. - Masters of Reality   Is anybody watching the new season of “The Sinner?” It came to me after last week’s episode that like Detective Harry Ambrose, folks on a shelter in place or lockdown are all down in the hole; separate, but sharing a common experience. Some are doing better than others emotionally. I’ve had my moments. Mostly due to empath stuff and how

Hello friends. Here is some information that I have shared recently in social media that I have compiled in one document. • Avoid excess repetition of the clinical or common name of the virus. There is a purpose for this. (If you’re a healthcare worker or someone else who needs to repeat it regularly, surround it with light upon use.) • If global news is heightening your anxiety, check your local news and what pertains to your immediate friends and family only. • Avoid futuring, stay in the