Insight & guidance on current health concerns

Hello friends. Here is some information that I have shared recently in social media that I have compiled in one document.

• Avoid excess repetition of the clinical or common name of the virus. There is a purpose for this. (If you’re a healthcare worker or someone else who needs to repeat it regularly, surround it with light upon use.)

• If global news is heightening your anxiety, check your local news and what pertains to your immediate friends and family only.

• Avoid futuring, stay in the moment as much as possible. Remember that we are affecting the future and nothing is set in stone.

• Social distancing doesn’t have to be punitive. Stay connected online and energetically.

• Only highly experienced energy workers should approach working with viruses (and their subsequent thoughtforms) directly. Send Light to the Grid in a general way. We can also focus light to particular countries and areas.

• The Emerald Green, Platinum and Gold Healing Rays are indicated for those who work with them.

• Besides fear, excessive judgment also lowers energy. Ignore ignorance and insensitivity, especially online. Stay in your own lane as much as possible.

• If you’re able, check up on vulnerable people in your personal world/community.

• Although one intention of this is to drive humanity apart, it ironically will inspire us to a more spiritualized, global consciousness.

In response to some questions that have come in on current concerns:

• Despite the effect of keeping humanity apart quite literally, that particular effect will be temporary. In agreement with other seers and friends in the know, the next two weeks may be the most difficult with this, with Aries season bringing some shifts.

• Full eradication may take 2-4 months, but not a year or longer as some agencies and individuals have predicted. Our response can positively impact the timeline of containment.

• An unintended but legitimate positive effect will be further eradication of fear in its energetically weaponized forms, as they have been further exposed to those who can recognize them.

• As the SRF monk said last week (in a timely fashion) it is not a matter of belief, but experience. This is what will change the trajectory spiritually, as we are still in an experiential realm. Offer all gains and wins (even small ones) for the benefit of the collective. It will help.

• To make a difference, radiate love as much as possible, keep your own shadow material under control and have patience and compassion for those who’s isn’t.

• To have patience, understanding and a lack of judgment with arising fear generally makes it less usable as an energy form to be manipulated.

Please share with anyone who can benefit from this information. Thank you.