Commentary on New Age & Light Worker Deceptions.

Hello friends. I have recently been reading some articles about how the authors no longer identified with the term “Light Worker” anymore due to all of the deception involved with the title, and also how negative and false the “New Age” movement had become. While I agreed with some of the points in these articles, I also strongly disagreed on others. I am not going to site these articles directly, but will call upon several of the general points that they put forth.

1) Ascended Masters & other beings are light are deceivers. – Unless they’ve been living under a rock or completely in la-la land, most people on a path of spiritual awakening are aware that there is a “matrix” of deception and illusion that exists on planet Earth. It’s everywhere we look; in advertising, television, environmental pollution, tainted vaccines, GMO foods, etc. etc. It’s also evident that there is some kind of warped intelligence driving this as well. It’s also true that some non-physical beings can shape shift into whatever form suits their purposes. These kinds of statements regarding the deceptiveness and nefarious intentions of ascended masters and other light beings certainly have quite a charge and are in my opinion meant to be distracting and fear-producing. To me this is rather like saying, “Well you’d better not go outside today or something bad may happen to you.” This implies a victim mentality and also that we have NO control over our spiritual experiences, which is UNTRUE. It’s also important to remember that the controlling interests of the planet may have won a few battles, but they have already lost the war.

The Remedy: Do not develop your channeling or other spiritual “siddhis” (gifts) without a balanced path of meditation, ego control and working with your “stuff.” Get a teacher/guide who has worked his/her stuff and will not just tell you whatever BS makes your ego happy. Our Buddhist friends call this our “shenpa.” It is the painful, sh**ty stuff that we’d rather avoid looking at, but when we do we realize how much power it holds for our own awakening and awareness. Those who follow depth psychology refer to it as our “Shadow.” We all have one, and those who deny theirs are definitely in worse shape than those who don’t.

Another important point is that the I AM/Source presence within you is more powerful than any and ALL illusion. Deceptive beings with unsavory agendas cannot touch this, and they know it. I personally find it rather distracting and unsettling that a “light worker” would even go to print with that type of a view as it is strongly dis-empowering and implies that we should be afraid, very afraid. Besides, WE are the ones with the power in this place. That is, the ones who are currently embodied. Our spiritual friends are here to help assist and guide us, but we are the ones working our karma and doing this earth walk, no one else is. Which brings me to point number 2.

2) New Age “Religion,” judgment and escapism. – All religions have what is called a “Zealator” phase, and unfortunately now the New Age is no different. We’ve all seen them, especially online. Those who efficiently parrot the phrases and words with no real understanding of what they mean, and/or are in harsh judgment and criticism of others who do not share their views. Unfortunately this turns some spiritual or “New Age” philosophy into a religion, complete with strict dogma and rules. I can’t tell you how much criticism I have received over the years in my work because I actually (gasp!) have openly discussed darkness, negativity and the Shadow. Life on planet Earth (especially now) is not a cake walk by any means, and many people are looking for a way off and out. To go to a bunch of workshops and hang out in spiritual Valhalla all day seems like a good way to do that, but it’s not and may very well create a whole other set of problems. Again, HERE is where life happens for us, not in the 9th dimension. Well there may be a soul aspect of ours hanging out there, but he/she’s not the one paying the bills if you know what I mean. 

The Remedy: To realize that just with all spiritual teachings and philosophies they can only go so far. Also to recognize when you are “zoning out” or running away from the pain or struggles in life by hiding behind a bunch of feel-good “light work.” It’s easy to do, especially now. Again, this is why a good relationship with both our inner and outer teachers is the wise way to go. It’s always been very important to me for example, to have someone to serve as a good “BS detector.”

3) Channeled information is deceptive and dis-empowering: Well as a channel/telepath myself I’m going to disagree with this statement, not entirely however. There is some material out there that is alarmingly NOT from high spiritual sources and to me it’s quite evident. Some of this material is widely popular in the general public too. This however does not surprise me, as I describe some of this material as “Spiritual Cotton Candy.” It sounds sweet, light and really says a whole lot of NOTHING. It also adds to the “feel good” factor that so many are seeking right now. It’s not that I really blame them mind you, but I also know spiritually from personal experience there’s “no free lunch.”

The Remedy: As with ALL media (print, video, social media, etc.) using your own discernment is key. Just because your friends and everyone in your meditation meet-up group think it’s the bomb, doesn’t mean that you have to. High frequency/relevant information is loving, encouraging and doesn’t have a “god complex.” It also is not critical, finger-pointing nor demonstrates a dualistic “us vs. them” mentality which are all aspects of the egoic/ordinary mind. The most evidently deceptive and harmful channeled material is patronizing, dis-empowering and encourages humanity to be socially and spiritually complacent. One of the higher purpose of channeled spiritual material is to serve as a remembrance and to encourage further awakening. If some material is really *off* with your own personal discernment, there’s usually a good reason for that.

The cool thing about being a “Light Worker” is that you get to do it exactly how you want to do it! This is a fairly new designation in this place and we’re making it up as we go along. I know some Light Workers who’s mission is to openly discuss the disharmony and negativity on the planet and to find solutions for it. I know others who are quietly working behind the scenes raising vibrations in their own communities, and nurturing their own children who will carry the positive teachings and attitudes forward into the future. For me, being a Light Worker is all about aligning with that which is TRUE (Love) and though acknowledging fearful things exist both in the world and Universe, tuning into another “channel,” where the frequencies of love, empowerment, peace and harmony are the norm. It is also about walking our own path of Light in full personal integrity and responsibility. We are all dreaming the new world into being, and so as the Mama’s & the Papa’s so sweetly sang, why don’t you “Dream a little dream with me?”

Love & blessings all.

There are so many among you now that carry the light and wisdom of Awakening. You have become an unstoppable force. Do not be swayed or deterred by events in the outer world; even of threats of poverty or violence. As you align more completely with the great Soul Force that you possess within, your success is assured. To answer your question; Source/Spirit *has* responded to the cries and prayers of humanity, and the answer is you. Also in all of the beatific unseens that are also present to assist. Shanti. – The Keepers, 8.26.12