August 2013

Q: Keepers, there are reports of that the water and food supply of North America is already tainted with radiation from the Fukushima disaster. What can we do to further the unfolding of light, peace & healing on the planet when so much seems to be going against it right now? There has been some talk of alternative dimensions and timelines co-existing. Can you also give further guidance on what that means for us? Thank you. Art by Ellen Vaman. A: Dear ones, we thank you

Hello friends. I have recently been reading some articles about how the authors no longer identified with the term “Light Worker” anymore due to all of the deception involved with the title, and also how negative and false the “New Age” movement had become. While I agreed with some of the points in these articles, I also strongly disagreed on others. I am not going to site these articles directly, but will call upon several of the general points that they put forth. 1) Ascended Masters