The Keepers on current environmental issues & alternative timelines/dimensions

Q: Keepers, there are reports of that the water and food supply of North America is already tainted with radiation from the Fukushima disaster. What can we do to further the unfolding of light, peace & healing on the planet when so much seems to be going against it right now? There has been some talk of alternative dimensions and timelines co-existing. Can you also give further guidance on what that means for us? Thank you.

Art by Ellen Vaman.

A: Dear ones, we thank you for your question. There is much to be shared with you on these topic, so we will present this information in sections.

There has been a term given by your Hathors called the “chaotic node” and this we feel is appropriate. Planet earth is going through both a powerful collective initiation and healing. A collective karmic “ripening” is also part of this process. Though this may sound frighting or doom-predicting, it is not in actuality. It is part of the “birth” process underway at Gaia at this very moment. It is important to remember beloveds, that you are the physical & spiritual representatives of Source Energy in this realm. Invoke the entity and power of GRACE in your lives daily, and hourly if necessary. Be agents of light, compassion and loving-kindness in your intention. You are the ones that make it so.

We understand that the prospect of what may or may not happen is frightening to you, which is why it is essential that you remain in the NOW moment as much as possible and avoid “what if?” scenarios. It is also vital to avoid dis-empowered thoughts regarding the controlling interests of the planet and their unwholesome agendas. As we have shared with you quite often in past messages, Source/Creator is well aware of the violation of the “prime directive” as it were, that has been happening on the planet, and has taken major steps in its balance and correction, and that response is YOU. That is, the millions of beings that identify themselves as being on a spiritual path of awakening.

Regarding preserving your health and the health of your loved ones, we offer these suggestions:

1) Be aware of your food and where it has been acquired. Purchase and/or grow your own organic food whenever possible. Bless your meals with light before you ingest them, especially commercial meals that are prepared by others. This is not done in a spirit of fear mind you, but in gratitude and love. Also drink the purest water that is possible. For those in seva/service to others on the planet, purifying/supplying water is an area where you can help others if you are drawn to do so.

2) Keeping your and physical and energetic bodies at a high frequency is your best protection from harm of all kinds; especially toxins in the form of EMF’s, pollutants and lower/disturbing psychic frequencies. Yoga, meditation and/or prayer are all excellent practices in this regard. Fill your physical and emotional bodies with the high frequencies of love and light daily. The pure vibration of LOVE is your greatest protection from all dis-ease, both mental and physical.

3) SEE and KNOW your planet Earth/Gaia has the capability, knowledge and energies to heal and transform herself. She is fully sentient being with deep love, wisdom and compassion. Those that connect with her consciously will understand this to be true, especially. Support her both energetically and spiritually, and also on a physical level as you can. If this means just doing your part with recycling in your community, planting a tree or garden or educating your children respect for her, do this. It is all appreciated and IS making a difference. For those who practice energy work and meditation, sending her loving light on a daily basis. Energy work in groups is particularly effective and recommended.

4) We see that there are some high frequency, protective and preventative substances that have been shared with you especially for these times. Some of these that we will mention are: blue-green algae, Monoatomic minerals, tonic herbs, certain edible mushrooms and so forth. (Always consult your own intuition and/or holistic medical professional for advice before you consume any new supplements.)

Regarding alternative timelines and dimensions –

As on cue with the current and incoming energies, it will be easier than in previous times to align with higher frequencies such as 5D and higher. It is also true that beings in your life that are not “on board” with the incoming frequencies and stubbornly resist them, may occupy less time in your personal worlds. This is not to say that some beings will magically disappear from your lives as some others have suggested, but you may have noticed that there has been or will be an increase of certain beings making their physical transition. The time period of the astrological Uranus/Pluto square, also known as the “Cardinal Cross” energies (2010-2015,) which serve as a time of great transitions, both personally and collectively. For some, it is a time of rejoicing and celebrating as it is a “graduation” of sorts for many of these beings to respond to new assignments so to speak, in new and higher dimensions. For many who have been working with and on the earth plane for many lifetimes, this is a welcome change. It is now becoming more essential to align with like and light-minded people who support the manifestation of your life work and mission. Many will find that their true “Soul Family” members are arriving. For others this many have started as early as 2010 or perhaps even earlier.

It is not really a matter of “vibing yourself out” of the trouble on the planet as some have suggested, as this is just another avoidance technique. You certainly can be in the world but not of it, as the teachings have suggested. Ultimately the goal is to transform the world into a place where love, light, compassion and equality for all beings is not a “hippie” dream, but a reality. To make the world a place where you actually would *want* to live and not run away from. Your own personal world does not have to be filled with negativity, toxins and so forth, just because there is so much of this in the outer world currently. In fact, you are far less useful to the “cause,” so to speak if you are. This is why it is essential for those who identify as being on the “clean up crew” so to speak and identify as light workers, Adult Indigo beings and so forth have immaculate personal integrity and accountability, this is essential. As far as the timing of how things will “play out” so to speak, this has not been definitively set; but as we have been assuring you for many years now, success is assured.

It is vital however that a balance be struck between how things *are* and a more idealized or preferred outcome. To utterly deny negativity, toxins and so forth as some have suggested will not have the desired goal of transforming them until more being are “on board” with the new program, so to speak. It is vital to see the Gaia as evolving and improving and not get caught up in further negative or doomsday scenarios.

We see that the recovery and transformation of Gaia will come in stages. In the future there are beings such as your Paramahansa Yogananda and other evolved teachers of Light that will return. Many beings such as realized Gurus, Rinpoches, Buddhas and Ascended Masters for higher dimensions have already returned to the planet in the form of energetic “emanations” through those that identify as their students and consorts from previous incarnations. – The Keepers, 8.27.13