The Keepers on Detachment from the Collective

Hello friends. Over this past year I have heard from many folks especially those who identify as Empathic and/or highly sensitive that they’ve been having some real struggles with energy infiltration and not enough detachment from highly emotionally charged societal events and the strong energy fluctuations of the Collective. I took this issue to the Keepers and was given some information, along with a meditation/activation. The link for that can be found at the bottom of this page.

We are at a place now where the 3D teachings have served us well. We understand and appreciate them, but we refuse to get pulled down into the muck. We cannot effectively serve our fellow beings when we are down there, nor can we offer ourselves or others the fruits of our own ongoing transformation. It will continue to be important to keep our spiritual center as much as possible, especially as we move into the powerful “8” Universal Year of 2015.

Dear ones, it is essential that you reframe the thought that to help others that you must interact with and even absorb their toxicity or dysfunction; whether it be on a small or larger scale.

Though in a 3D system it appears quite real, in a more ultimate sense it is not. It is also temporary. The greatest gift you can offer your fellow human beings and the Collective is your own greater love, light and expanded consciousness. Also to be centered in your own deeper spiritual truth. It is a Piscean Age paradigm that you are your brother/sister’s keeper in a more direct level. This is no longer useful or indicated in the current and ever-expanding energies.

Regarding the concept of getting further detached (unhooked) from the more negative illusions and distortions of the Collective, we are not particularly interested in debating the validity or purposes of them, but more to offer a reminder of the real and true. Sat-Chit-Ananda. You Are That.

If you are feeling ensnared by the suffering in the Collective it is a greater opportunity to examine and release your own. Also, to drop the idea that it is virtuous to continue to carry illusion of any kind. Bless yourself and bless all, setting aside emotionally-charged judgment. This will continue to be important, especially in the coming year. Align with the pure land of your own wisdom-heart. There is no need for a hard striving. Since all things are connected and higher frequencies of love and light have a greater impact, it is there which is your most useful focus.

Beloveds, a more Piscean Age view that is moving out is that you must be energetically infiltrated by the world to be effective. For many of you in spiritual service, to be a part of the world fully was an important part of your training. It is now vital to come home to who you really are as an eternal being of light, love and wisdom. It is possible to be an awake and fully engaged human being without being negatively impacted by the darker aspects of the Collective energy. It is important to remember that streams of higher frequency and consciousness are also present on the planet at this time. It is a matter of which you choose to “tune into” so to speak. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 12.11.14