January 2016

Something happened on the day he died. Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside. Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried: "I’m a blackstar, I’m a star star, I’m a blackstar." - Blackstar lyrics, Bowie 2016 NOTE: If you haven't read it yet, I recommend the first part in this series, "David Bowie: A Tribute to a Visionary Starman" in the blogs area of this site. I was told by the Akashic Wisdom Keepers that those especially who identify as Lightworkers and starseeds are feeling his

Here are we, one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth. - Bowie, 1976 I became aware of David Bowie even before I knew who he was. Also before I was envying my older sisters for being able to attend the "Aladdin Sane" concert without me. He came to me in a profoundly spiritual dream when I was 7 years old that I still remember today. He would show up occasionally after that for decades, often with a teaching, a smile or just the encouragement of his